THE POD 5000

The disposable pod that revolutionizes
your refill experience

THE POD 5000

THE POD 5000 utilizes a pod system for vaping, featuring a unique left-right structural design reminiscent of the
familiar Switch gaming console, introducing a whole new level of enjoyment in usage. Its central knob allows for easy
adjustment of airflow, making operation straightforward and user-friendly. With a reusable battery design, it
promotes environmental friendliness, reducing waste. Moreover, the colorful pods enhance playability, allowing for
diverse device styles and providing users with more choices. Let's customize your own exclusive electronic cigarette
together and indulge in the unique vaping experience!

  • 5000

  • 10ml

    Pod Capacity
  • 500mAh

  • 58.61g


Airflow Adjustable,
Enjoy Smooth Vaping
without Worries

Control the Airflow to Your Liking and
Experience the Ultimate Purity of Vaping.

New Realm with Each Refill

Disposable Pods, Enjoy Pure Vaping,
Easily Embark on a Future Experience

Revolutionizing Your
Vaping Routine

Disposable Pods for a Pure, Flavorful,
and Hassle-Free Experience


10 Flavors+


THE POD 5000

  • Small box size 38*25*94mm
  • Middle box size 130*77*97mm
  • Middle box 10pcs